A few weeks ago we took on the best of Chicago's tech companies in...Dodgeball! And while our team of "Splat Operators" wasn't able to claim the five-foot-tall trophy from repeat champions 8th Light (who also, as winners, had $1,000 donated to Kiva in their name—congrats, guys!), we did win something much more important: Best Uniforms!

These stunning, award-winning ensembles would not have been possible without our friends at Strange Cargo, who suited us up in custom t-shirts, sweatbands, and, the pièce de résistance, "Beer" tube socks.

So, to recap—Giant trophy: $50 (give or take). Looking awesome: Priceless.

Many thanks to Braintree for hosting this tourney, and to our other fellow competitors at 8th Light, Trunk Club, Groupon, GrubHub, Bright Tag, The J MomBelly, Redbox, kCura, Vibes, Centro, SingleHop, Backstop, and NCSA. We had such a blast participating, and we'll see you on the court in the spring for a rematch. We've already begun designing our next costumes...er, uniforms...so watch out.


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