Testing in Rails — Keep your code healthy with high-value tests

As you get caught up building and expanding the perfect application, it's easy to forget to add testing in Rails to everything you're doing. Lots of teams struggle to write Ruby on Rails automated testing, or the don't feel like the time they spend testing is giving them value. It's only when things break that they realize how critical testing Rails really is. 
Our Testing for Code workshop will teach you how to make sure everything you build is sound by writing high-value Ruby on Rails tests. At the end, you'll walk away with the Rails testing best practices to write better, more robust code and make changes quickly and confidently.

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What it is

In this hands-on workshop, Rails 5 Test Prescriptions author Noel Rappin guide you in how to create and run high-value Rails tests for your applications using RSpec and Capybara. You'll also learn why testing Rails is so important, and what kinds of problems it can prevent.

What you'll learn

This workshop will give you and your team a Ruby on Rails testing framework that more closely matches real user interactions. That will allow you to create more focused unit testing in Rails, which will in turn help you write more accurate code and lower your long-term costs for adding new features.


Full-day workshop:
$700 a person

Half-day workshop: 
$400 a person

Follow us into the testing weeds on our podcast

Sam Phippen of RSpec-Rails and Justin Searls of Test Double join our host Noel Rappin to go deep on long-running test suites and parallel CI. Then they open on how to make testing more effective over the lifetime of a project.

Why we trust Noel

Noel Rappin is our principal software engineer — he helps us build products, leads the apprenticeship program and hosts the Tech Done Right podcast. On his own time, he’s the author of multiple books on development best practices, including Rails 5 Test Prescriptions and Take My Money: Accepting Payments on the Web.

Noel also has a Ph.D. in educational technology and user-centered design, and while we tease him about being Dr. Noel, we’re lucky to have his mind on our team — and to be able to share it with others.

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