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We love Google Design Sprints — they're fantastic for finding out whether an idea matches your users' needs in just five days. What they don't do is let you focus on product innovation by testing a bunch of ideas — even entirely new product lines. If you want to develop a new product or innovate on an existing one, you need a product innovation process that spends more time generating ideas and less time prototyping. That's why we created Product Innovation Sprints — to help everyone from startups to Fortune 100 companies like Tyson Foods brainstorm a battery of new ideas and get them in front of users right away. 
We shake out these product innovations by using tried and tested Google Design Sprint techniques and adding in a lean user research sprint to better understand the market and the audience. With the two, we're able to solve multiple problems with hundreds of ideas. We pick the best ones, get them in front of users as quickly as we can with low-fidelity prototypes, then use their feedback to identify a product innovation strategy that will get the greatest results. 
In our Product Innovation Sprint workshop, you'll learn how to collect user research, distill that research into actionable insights and bring those ideas to life for users to react to — giving you all the product innovation techniques and skills you need to build better products, faster.
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What it is

Choose between a full or half-day workshop to get a full walkthrough of how we help companies tackle product innovation and development in one-week sprints. You'll get all the tools and techniques you need to generate an explosion of product innovation ideas, validate them with real users and develop a business plan and lean branding to bring them to market.

What you'll learn

To start, you'll learn how positioning users at the center of innovating a product leads to faster ideas and better results. You'll also learn ideation, prototyping and user testing techniques from Google Design Sprints, as well as lean user research techniques that will allow you to distill your insights into solvable problems.


Full-day workshop:
$700 a person

Half-day workshop: 
$400 a person

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“Table XI really brings something different and fresh to the innovation process. They’ve helped us react to problems and information differently, which is very unique.”

Rizal Hamdallah, Head of Innovation Lab at Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods

Get the background on Google Design Sprints

For us, Google Design Sprints are a way to open the door and build trust with a client, solidifying our team and opening the dialogue we'll need to build a great product. We've kept all those benefits in our Product Innovation Sprints, just aimed them at a different set of goals. To understand why Product Innovation Sprints work so well, it helps to start with an understanding of Google Design Sprints.

Learn why — and how — we do Google Design Sprints

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