Handling money in Rails — How to run the important and terrifying task

Handling money in Rails is necessary if you want, you know, to make money. But it's also occasionally frightening, opening you up to much higher stakes. Errors with Rails currency can have serious, even legal, repercussions. And while the third-party tools for Rails money are good, they don’t tell you how to manage records, handle refunds, validate your business logic and on and on. 
Our Money on Rails workshop will show you how the Stripe API makes it easier to get paid. You'll also learn how to format money in Rails, and how to prepare your business for all the administrative, non-technical tasks that come along with taking payments online. 
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What it is

In this workshop, Noel Rappin, author of Take My Money: Accepting Payments on the Web, will walk you through processing credit cards using the Stripe API, then help you set up the internal processes you'll need to keep your customers — and your team — happy.

What you'll learn

In addition to learning how to use the Stripe API to accept money in Rails, we'll walk you through all the other things you need to know when you're dealing with money, like how to keep your data consistent and how to handle the new administrative tasks that will crop up.


Full-day workshop:
$700 a person

Half-day workshop: 
$400 a person

Why we trust Noel

Noel Rappin is our principal software engineer — he helps us build products, leads the apprenticeship program and hosts the Tech Done Right podcast. On his own time, he’s the author of multiple books on development best practices, including Rails 5 Test Prescriptions and Take My Money: Accepting Payments on the Web.

Noel also has a Ph.D. in educational technology and user-centered design, and while we tease him about being Dr. Noel, we’re lucky to have his mind on our team — and to be able to share it with others.

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