Javascript in Rails — How to bring the two together and build better applications

It does bring the interactivity a great application needs, but that doesn't mean including Javascript in Rails is so straightforward. Webpacker is the latest tool designed to take the pain out of adding Javascript to Rails.
Webpacker gives Rails a way to organize your Javascript by allowing the server to package your frontend code, stylesheet and image assets. The tool also comes with basic setups for Angular, Elm, React and Vue so you can choose the Javascript framework that works best for your Ruby on Rails app. Powerful as it is though, Webpacker still has its pitfalls, and finding the best way of working with Javascript in Rails isn't always clear.
In our “Rails/Webpacker/Javascript” workshop, you’ll learn how to use Webpacker to add Javascript interactivity to your Rails application, how to add additional tools like React and TypeScript, and how to include stylesheets, images and other assets.
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What it is

In this interactive workshop, Noel Rappin, author of Master Space and Time with JavaScript, will give you a Rails and Javascript tutorial, showing you how to use Webpacker to bring the two together.

What you'll learn

We'll train your team on how to use Javascript in Rails to add interactivity to your projects, how to integrate additional tools like React and TypeScript, and how to adjust the build step to include stylesheets, images and other assets. 


Full-day workshop:
$700 a person

Half-day workshop: 
$400 a person

Why we trust Noel

Noel Rappin is our principal software engineer — he helps us build products, leads the apprenticeship program and hosts the Tech Done Right podcast. On his own time, he’s the author of multiple books on development best practices, including Rails 5 Test Prescriptions and Take My Money: Accepting Payments on the Web.

Noel also has a Ph.D. in educational technology and user-centered design, and while we tease him about being Dr. Noel, we’re lucky to have his mind on our team — and to be able to share it with others.

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