Agile training to teach your team flexibility and help you work smarter

Agile training is about more than sprint structures and fancy terminology — it’s about learning how to adapt to new circumstances and stay flexible to meet user and business needs. Done right, agile development practices are so effective that we won’t work in any other system. 
Our full-day Intro to Agile training course walks you through the steps of a pretend project, teaching you Agile development methodologies and allowing you to practice new skills for managing change. You’ll walk away with an understanding of Agile and better tools for building trust, estimating projects, structuring a software build and effectively sharing and adapting to new information.
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What it is

In this one-day workshop, Noel Rappin, author of Trust-Driven Development, will use a pretend project to walk you through Agile process training. You'll pay particular attention to estimating a project and handling changes to the scope, two areas that often test trust.

What you'll learn

Your Agile methodology training will teach you how to structure your project so communication is open and efficient, and it's easy to adapt to new information as it comes in. You'll also learn how Agile project management helps you estimate projects by allowing for risk.


Full-day workshop:
$700 a person

Why we trust Noel

Noel Rappin is our principal software engineer — he helps us build products, leads the apprenticeship program and hosts the Tech Done Right podcast. On his own time, he’s the author of multiple books on development best practices, including Rails 5 Test Prescriptions and Take My Money: Accepting Payments on the Web.

Noel also has a Ph.D. in educational technology and user-centered design, and while we tease him about being Dr. Noel, we’re lucky to have his mind on our team — and to be able to share it with others.

Let's get your team working in Agile and getting great results
Let's get your team working in Agile
and getting great results
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