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Our innovation workshops teach you how to get them.

Give your team new problem-solving techniques with an innovation workshop

We’re dedicated to tech done right full-time, which means we’re constantly testing and perfecting tools, techniques and processes that make it easier to build great products. We want everyone to benefit from our inquisitive and methodical search for the best. Our workshops on innovation will teach you everything we've learned, and give you hands-on experience putting it into practice.

Full-day workshop

$700 a person

Half-day workshop

$400 a person

Up to 25 attendees

We’re happy to host these wherever you are.

Product innovation workshops

Google Design Sprints

Google Design Sprints guide you through finding an idea, building a prototype and testing it on real users in just one week — saving you time and money building something you only think people want. Our interactive workshop will break down all five days of activities, giving you hands-on experience with the techniques, so you can learn to quickly validate your ideas and built better products, faster.

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Product Innovation Sprints

Our Product Innovation Sprints combine lean user research with Google Design Sprints' brainstorming and user testing tools to help your team create an explosion of ideas and put them to the test. If you want to develop a new product — or totally overhaul an old one — our Product Innovation Sprint workshop will show you how to get all your ideas on the table, vet them against user research, storyboard them, and even develop business plans and brands to bring them to market.

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“I’m so impressed with how they operate. They introduced agile and design thinking to a big corporation like Tyson Foods.”

Rizal Hamdallah, Head of the Futurist at Tyson Foods


Agile workshops

Intro to Agile

Agile isn't just an odd new vocabulary — it's a way to keep your team flexible enough to adapt to shifting needs. Our full-day Agile training will show you just how it works by walking you through a pretend project, so you can experience all the Agile methodologies in action and practice new skills for responding to change. 

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Agile Lego Game

If you prefer to tackle team-building while learning, our full or half-day Agile Lego Game workshops will show you how to put Agile techniques into practice on a rather fun pretend project — building a product out of Legos. Our facilitators will play the role of customer, giving you requirements and showing you the real-life benefits of Agile. 

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Culture workshop

Better Career Development

Career development doesn't depend on fancy software or reams of forms. This half-day workshop will introduce you to The Sticky Note Game, a tool we developed to quickly collect business goals and personal opportunities into one career plan that takes care of the whole employee.

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Development workshops

Testing for Rails

Our own Noel Rappin wrote the book on testing for Rails — actually a few of them, the latest of which is Rails 5 Test Prescriptions. He'll share all that he knows about writing high-value tests to create stronger code that makes it easier, and cheaper, to add new features.

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Maintaining Rails in a Large Codebase

Rails is an excellent framework — but it can very quickly get out of hand once your business logic gets complex. We'll walk you through the best practices for structuring larger codebases in Rails, so you can keep all the things that are great about the framework while still growing your business.

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Managing Javascript in Rails with Webpacker

Javascript brings the interactivity users demand, but it also brings a whole host of issues to Rails. In this hands-on workshop, Master Space and Time with JavaScript author Noel Rappin will show you how to use Webpacker to keep your Javascript under control so you can add new features to your Rails applications.

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Taking Money in Rails

One of Noel Rappin's many books on Rails is literally called Take My Money: Accepting Payments on the Web, and he'll help you do exactly that in this workshop. Together, you'll walk through using the Stripe API to handle credit card payments, as well as the non-technical changes you'll need to make to keep your team and your customers happy.

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Refactoring Legacy Code

Legacy code happens to everyone, eventually. This workshop will help you make sense of the legacy code you have  while also helping you prevent legacy code from happening in the future. You'll work with a real sample of legacy code, learning how to refactor it so you can make improvements,

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Modernize Your Javascript Spaghetti Code

We've all stared down a screen of jQuery spaghetti — few things are more daunting, or more frustrating. This workshop will give you the tools to untangle that nonsense. You'll work directly with sample client code, moving it a little bit at a time so you can add new features, then translate it completely to a new framework.

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