IoT and manufacturing are the future of work. We'll help you get there.

We've been able to make incredible things a reality by bringing IoT and manufacturing together for our partners, from building automation at Northwestern University to new lines of business at Dickson. But today's IoT manufacturing examples are just the beginning. We're constantly expanding our idea of what's possible to bring new products — and new revenue — to our partners.


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“Table XI has really helped Dickson transition from a manufacturing company to a technology company.”

Matt McNamara, SaaS and Hardware Product Manager at Dickson

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Creating a new product and a new future for Dickson

Since 1923, family-owned Dickson has made environmental sensors that keeps warehouses, labs and manufacturing facilities safe. And since 2002, Table XI has been helping Dickson secure its future with the right technology. We've helped the company understand user behavior and revamp their e-commerce strategy. And we've helped them realize the benefits of IoT in manufacturing, starting with a homemade prototype to demonstrate how connectivity could create new business for the 95-year-old company.

Today, our industry-leading DicksonOne app allows customers to monitor their sensors from anywhere.

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Teaching everyone how IoT and smart manufacturing can make business better

We want everyone to benefit from IoT in manufacturing, not just our partners. That's why we're constantly teaching, hosting events, sharing case studies and showing people what's possible — including these 6 IoT manufacturing use cases.


Automating Northwestern University's research centers

Northwestern University was using a patchwork of systems to track usage and payments for its sixty research facilities. Table XI developed NUcore to serve as a single, integrated solution for core facility management. Not only does the system automate mundane data entry tasks, the IoT solutions we're adding give researchers automatic access to labs across campus.

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“Table XI is very smart, very nimble. They write good code. It's been seven years and NUcore has never crashed.”

Jeff Weiss, Director for Research Analysis at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine


Making work safer for Liquid Controls

Liquid Controls brings fuel to some of the world's most dangerous environments — like Canada's way-below-zero tundra. To keep their drivers safe as they haul much needed gasoline and propane, Liquid Controls needed a way to monitor how much fuel was being dispensed without making drivers stand around in extreme conditions. We were able to bring IoT to the trucks, creating a mobile device that allows drivers to monitor the liquids from the safely of their cabs.

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Internet of Things examples

Bringing community engagement to Chicago's L

Table XI takes pride in Chicago’s ingenuity. So when The Wabash Lights team was investigating a way to light up the L tracks, we ran a one-day Inception to mock up a vision for the community art project and work out the IoT manufacturing they'd need to make it. After a successful Kickstarter and trial run, we’re prototyping a mobile app to put control in the hands of regular people. 

Manufacturing companies of all stripes rely on our software to bring them into the future.


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