In healthcare software development, disruption comes second to do no harm

Relationships in healthcare are built on empathy. So is our software development. By creating communication between technologists and users, patients and practitioners alike, we build trust and tech that everyone can rely on. 


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“They’re amazing collaborators at Table XI. They worked tirelessly with each group connected to the project, often dealing with last-minute changes. Their organization has a great deal of integrity. ”

Paul Gee, Vice President, Digital Product Management and Development, JAMA Network


Designed with care

When you’re dealing with people’s health and lives, the word disruption is less than appealing. Instead of joining the cult of disruption, at Table XI, our healthcare software development focuses on a higher need: do no harm. Rapid iteration and minimum viable products are great, but when you’re building software that can help or harm people’s health, the focus has to be on improving care.

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We develop award-winning healthcare software that works in real life

It’s great to have a novel idea, but software in the healthcare industry needs to be practical first. At Table XI, we start each project with user research, adapting to what we find.  

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We think the healthcare industry deserves graceful software

Too often healthcare software developers think function first, design second (if at all).  

We know that design is just as much a part of the software’s function as its features. If a tool is lovely to use, people pick it up. If it’s painful, it collects dust. 

Consulting firm Akara wasn’t concerned about design when it approached Table XI. But we talked with the audience — people who manage accounting for pharmaceutical companies — and we knew that making a pharmaceutical software solution that felt nicer than Excel ‘98 was just as critical as its nuts and bolts capabilities. So we built an MVP that looked good enough to close multi-million dollar sales.   

“Their ability to lead us was really important. Table XI is a fantastic company, they put a lot of care and attention into what needs to be done. I would definitely use them again.”

A co-founder and partner of Akara Group, who we helped simplify complex pharmaceutical software

Healthcare tech should make lives easier

Ask anyone who has worked at a hospital or medical facility and they will say their technology is letting them down.  Building tech that works for the users — doctors, surgeons, patients, nurses, pharmacists, etc — is the only way to make a difference. The end goal of healthcare is better outcomes for everyone. The same must be true of software.

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Let’s build healthcare software that improves care works for everyone

We make a point to do our research whenever we partner with someone — starting with putting ourselves in your shoes. 

We want to build software that revolutionizes how people get care. If you do too, we’d love to hear from you.

See how we helped JAMA Network build an app to train the next generation of doctors

We’re designing and developing healthcare software that earns top ratings and reviews from the people that matter most — our partners. Learn why they’ve named us the best medical software developers in Chicago.

We are also proud to be ranked as a top healthcare app development company

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