Relationships in healthcare are built on empathy.

So is our software development.

“It reassured me that Table XI started with questions. They do the research to make a product that will work, because they want their clients to succeed.”

Jeremy Martin, founder of Tend


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Starting with questions to build the app homecare needed

We listen first, conducting user research to find the underlying problems. Then we set about designing and developing a healthcare software solution just for them. For homecare startup Tend, that meant learning that caregivers, clients and families needed the app to do things we never anticipated.

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Turning complex systems into elegant solutions ... 

We know healthcare is a demanding business, because our team has decades of experience in healthcare software development, untangling legacy systems, meeting HIPAA compliance and satisfying regulations for clients like these.

... And making those solutions wonderful to use ... 

We believe in flipping the traditional narrative — that healthcare software must be clunky and difficult to use — in favor of user experiences that truly delight patients, providers and administrators alike.

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... Because even internal healthcare software should be loved

When Akara came to us wanting pharamceutical software, they weren't envisioning anything more than a souped-up spreadsheet. We showed them the value a little bit of UX design would add, and ended up building a million-dollar tool. 

Making knowledge mobile for JAMA's next generation

JAMA, the Journal for the American Medical Association, came to us wanting a way to engage younger doctors in their CME program. Together, we created an app that uses short podcasts and interactive quizzes to bring the JAMA Network’s knowledge to a new audience.

See the case study
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“They’re amazing collaborators at Table XI. They worked tirelessly with each group connected to the project, often dealing with last-minute changes. Their organization has a great deal of integrity. We enjoyed working with Table XI.”

Paul Gee, VP of the JAMA Network



Helping everyone find a healthcare software partner they can trust

We want to work with you on the software applications that will drive healthcare forward, but we also want to earn that work. To help you evaluate partners with confidence, we created a series of questions any qualified healthcare software development company should be able to answer.

Our podcast connects industry leaders and tech pioneers

We share that approach with leaders throughout the field on our podcast, Tech Done Right. We’ve talked with industry leaders about hiring healthcare software developers (Episode 23), and we went deep on design with SkinIO CEO Kyoko Crawford who discussed balancing patient and doctor needs (Episode 30).

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We are also proud to be ranked as a top healthcare app development company

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