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Learning is hard work. Software shouldn't make it harder. We rely on user research and testing to help edtech companies build products that make education easier for teachers and learners of all ages — from kindergarteners to cardiac surgeons. 

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Creating the shortest path to connect Rice University with students

How do you grab the attention of an 18-year-old? That’s the question Rice University came to Table XI to answer. The school had recently launched its Doerr Institute for New Leaders, and needed to show students all it could do.

We used user research to find the best solution — a chatbot that would survey students via text,then match them with a customized leadership program. Then we built it alongside Rice's IT team, showing them how to manage it long after Table XI wrapped.

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“They listened to us, which was critical.

Instead of offering a ready-made app, Table XI showed a keen understanding and developed a unique solution.”

Tom Kolditz, founding director of the Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University

Rice University

Teaching Participate to work like an edtech startup

Participate came to us in early 2017 in the middle of merging businesses and transitioning to a product company. We were able to help them adopt an Agile mindset, establish a UX practice and weave design thinking into everything they do. The result is a 43 percent increase in active users and a 45 percent increase in satisfaction with UX for the entire product team.

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“We are a 1,000 miles from where we were. The value Table XI has provided is tremendous. We knew we needed UX, but now spreading to other products in our organization. It's all-encompassing. And it's exciting.”

Lauren Hanford, Head of User Experience Design at Participate

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Taking CME credits mobile with JAMA Network

JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association needed a new way to offer CME credits that would engage and educate young doctors. Table XI was able to learn what those doctors needed through user research, then build a mobile app that delivers on-demand education for the next generation of JAMA readers.

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“It felt like a very honest and transparent working relationship with Table XI, and a really strong partnership. We were all on the same side.”

Daniel Pickhardt, Director of New Product Development at the JAMA Network


How systems design helped Embarc grow

Embarc providing experiential education to low-income high school students. These “Journeys” — hands-on visits to parts of the city students may have never seen — are a game changer for often overlooked populations in Chicago’s poorest schools. 93% of Embarc students enroll in college.

Embarc didn’t come to Table XI to create this success — they came to us to scale it.

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Scaling GradeSaver to serve more teachers and students

In 2005, GradeSaver’s co-founders came to Table XI to build a website that equips teachers and students with tools for learning. We helped them scale their business to 6,000 educational aids across multiple channels. Over the past decade, we’ve prepared their infrastructure for growth, managed their technology through an acquisition, integrated new systems, launched an iOS app and delivered a mobile-friendly redesign.


Turning literacy into a game with Innovations for Learning

Nonprofit Innovations for Learning helps students learn to read using software. The team called on Table XI to build out functionality for their learning management application. By researching how young students engage, we hit on an idea for an iPad game kids could play to improve literacy. We developed the app, and we’re currently live with 25 districts, 300 schools, 1300 classrooms, 20,000 students (and growing).

“Table XI quickly joined our team and not only achieved what we needed, but also thought critically and strategically about our goals and how to accomplish them.”

Brian Hides, Director of IT, Innovations for Learning

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