The DicksonOne dashboard allows customers to track their logger data online in real time.


Dickson is a family-owned manufacturer of instruments to monitor temperature, humidity, and pressure in refrigerators, warehouses, lab facilities, and manufacturing facilities. Based in Chicago’s western suburbs, Dickson has been in business since 1923, and we are proud to have served as their technology partner since since 2002.

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Dickson originally hired us to track and analyze user behavior on their website, It was 2002, in the days before Google Analytics, and they weren’t seeing the customer engagement and order volumes they would expect. We built a way to measure website performance, identified a number of issues in the site workflows and messaging, and helped improve their conversion funnels.

We later took over the design and development of the Dickson e-commerce website which was not structured in a way to promote growth and success. We have partnered on an ongoing basis over the years to monitor and continue to refine and optimize the website.

One of our goals was to help the company identify and develop new products and bring them to market. Historically, Dickson’s data loggers stored data on local flash storage and users plugged them directly into a computer to download the data for analysis. We worked with Dickson’s sales, marketing, and engineering teams to develop a new networked approach to the product, assigning each device an IP address and allowing it to connect to a central, cloud-based management and data infrastructure over both wired and wireless ethernet.


We translated the DicksonOne experience to a mobile app that takes advantage of the features available to native applications.

We worked with Dickson’s team to develop a mobile app for the product, which means that now DicksonOne users can visualize their data in real-time, either over the web or on the go. Loggers can be managed and configured remotely, allowing larger organizations to buy a whole system that can be easily deployed across facilities in different locations. Real time monitoring and alarms means that users can relax, knowing that that they are industry compliant, and notified immediately if there is trouble at one of their locations.

DicksonOne began as a conversation, but ultimately became an opportunity that has the potential to transform Dickson’s business from a manufacturer of devices to a leading industry player in the “Internet of Things.” While the product is still in its relatively early days, it’s extraordinarily exciting and gratifying to watch it grow and develop. And as for the collaboration between Dickson and Table XI—it seems like it’s only just begun.

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