Table XI spelled out with nails.We love our new office, but the front wall in our "lobby" has been conspicuously bare ever since we moved in. Jordan Ho, inspired by a project at Tactile Typography, took the initiative to start our own TXI Lobby Logo Project, a cool little art piece that everyone will help create. Here's the plan:

Phase 1: Jordan began by projecting points on a grid on the wall in the design of the TXI logo. Then we hammered nails on the points to get the logo outline.
Phase 2: Next, we'll add random nails surrounding the logo, the better to string up the wall.
Phase 3: After all the nails are in place, we'll thread them in different patterns and a couple of shades of green. Voila! Homegrown wall art.

We'll post more photos as the project progresses. For now, take a look at Jordan's concept art and our intrepid (and highly skilled) company craftspeople:


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