Table XI staffer joins ex-staffer to create fantasy sports blog

It’s fall, and that means football. Instead of boring you with a diatribe on the technological tools our people use to try to dominate their fantasy football league, we thought we’d give a quick shout-out to a new blog. is a hilarious mix of fantasy insights and comedy. Written by Ben Golden and illustrated by Jordan Ho, YLDJ is a fresh look on sports, fantasy, and comedy in the style of ESPN Page 2, but without the editorial board.

University of Chicago nerds poll better

With the upcoming election, we’re being constantly bombarded with news, polls, and “insights” about the presidential horse race. There’s so much data out there about the election —mixed in with sensationalized anecdotal evidence — that it’s hard to know where to look for reliable information. is a poll of polls run by a couple of hardcore U of C statistics geeks. They have built a comprehensive computer model that takes into account many outside factors (such as including the historical accuracy of each pollster), boiling them down into a very clear picture of the race.

The narrative of the blog puts campaign events and strategy into context with the underlying data, offering a truly unique perspective on many of the goings-on. Recent prognostications have included analysis of the debates, the McCain campaign’s decision to “go negative,” and insights on whether or not Georgia might actually be in play (they think it is). While the writers are Obama supporters, the blog maintains a bipartisan approach and tone, and we think it’s the best place to find timely and relevant information about the campaign.

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