Table XI employees gathered for a group photo during the Table XI Retreat.

This year, for Table XI’s annual company retreat, the frozen shores of Lake Geneva and The Abbey were calling. Though it may not have been as lengthy (or exotic) as 2012’s week-long trek to Costa Rica, we still managed to fit a lot into four days.

Our biggest goal with our retreats is always to give our people the chance to get to know each other better outside the restraints of project teams and a regular workday. This has only become more important as we’ve grown substantially over the past two years, and it’s always enjoyable to see people who don’t cross paths on a normal basis hanging out playing Werewolf or putting together a LEGO Death Star. On Saturday afternoon, I noticed a card game going on involving a couple employees (both old and new), one of our contractors, and some significant others—none of whom had ever had much interaction with each other before. It’s great to see these kinds of connections form over the course of a long weekend. People also bonded over a trip to the Yerkes Observatory, Frozen Turkey Bowling (this is a real thing that’s exactly what it sounds like), meals both company-sponsored and not, and an evening of S’mores around a campfire.

The other point to taking these retreats is to give ourselves a chance to work on the business as opposed to in the business. During the days we broke our team into smaller groups for professional development and company planning sessions. In particular, we made a lot of progress around targeting our marketing and account management efforts and selecting the right tool for our delivery operations. We did a deep dive on our customer profiles, identifying key patterns and practices that will not only help us serve our current clients better, but also let us pinpoint client prospects we think will be a good fit with Table XI.

Finally, we went over the business’ finances with the entire company. This is always a key component for me, since our newer employees are often surprised and appreciative of this level of transparency and candor. I’ve always maintained that giving people the greater financial context for why we make certain decisions is crucial to the health of the company as a whole, since it empowers the individuals working here.

All in all, I’m happy with our Lake Geneva excursion and the progress we made on a macro level. Stay tuned over the next several weeks for some more detailed retreat follow-ups, including a shot of our new commissioned artwork “Eleven Tables,” and some pretty hilarious photo galleries and videos of people doing things like throwing frozen turkeys at bowling pins.


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