What began as an attempt to fill space once consumed by an aquarium has sprouted into a touch of greenery for the office, and fresh fare for our chefs.

That’s right - chefs. Plural.

As things at Alinea heated up for our first chef, he had to scale back his cooking for us to every other week. Having in-house feasts left us so spoiled we had no choice but to hire Powerhouse Restaurant’s Ethan Taylor to serve it up on René’s off-weeks.

When we’re really lucky, Ethan brings his girlfriend Autumn Lewis — also an accomplished cook — to serve as his sous-chef. Their food is fantastic. We didn’t know how much we’d been missing in life before tasting their truffle oil and smoked cheddar macaroni.

While he may be the most gastronomically tantalizing, Ethan isn’t the only new addition to Table XI. We are eager for June, because that’s when Columbus, Ohio native Alex Hanna officially joins our growing team of software developers.

Alex recently earned a computer science degree from Purdue University (complete with the requisite psychology/sociology double-minor), and comes to us as the most highly touted young programming prospect in the history of the company.  We think it’s possible Alex paid his references to say such amazing stuff about him, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now! Alex should be fully trained and earning his keep by the beginning of July.

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