Over the course of the past few months, we’ve been working with a consultant to develop Table XI’s environmental policy. We were looking for guidance in avoiding, reducing, and offsetting our company’s environmental impact.

We’re fortunate that many of our employees are already environmentally-conscious consumers.  While January earned the dubious honor of being the tenth coldest on record, some still diligently biked to work and most took public transit.  As an organization, simple changes at the office — providing reusable coffee mugs, switching to compact florescent lights, cooking instead of ordering out — represent small steps towards mitigating our impact and cause relatively minor inconvenience at a reasonable cost.

We’re a business and we seek to grow.  But in order to achieve growth that is sustainable, prices must represent the entire cost of doing business, which includes external environmental effects.  While we haven’t reached a regulatory paradigm in the United States that internalizes these costs by law, we’ve jumped the gun and done our best to put our money where our mouth is.

After doing our best to reduce our environmental impact, we’ve offset our 2008 carbon emissions and challenge you to do the same.

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