No company exists in a vacuum. Sure, customers are important because they buy our products and services and (hopefully) pass our names onto their friends, but customers can also teach us a thing or two about our own businesses. We just have to ask the right questions and listen to what they have to say.

With this in mind, April's Table Talks tackles the theme "Things my Customers Taught Me." We've invited some excellent speakers to share how customers have helped shaped their approach to business. We'll be joined by one of our own clients, DicksonOne's Matt McNamara, Lightspan Digital President Mana Ionescu, Bike a Bee and Doddlebooth's Founder Jana Klinsman, CoSupport's Founder Sarah Hatter, and Table XI's Director of Client Services, Greg Baugues.


Interested in joining us for Table Talks? Learn more about the event and request an invitation on our website here.

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