There's perhaps no piece of software more integral to a software developer's workday than the text editor. These applications are to developers what knives are to chefs: They're simple and elegant tools, but every developer has his favorite. We asked our eight developers to weigh in.

For PC:

Rich likes: Edit+
“I like a GUI editor that's customizable and handles editing remote files, and I've learned all the keyboard shortcuts for it."

Daniel likes: InType
“I use InType because it works better than any PC clones on TextMate, and it’s clean and fast. Though it’s been in alpha for the past 3 years, development has started up again recently.”

Woody likes: Edit+
“Edit+ comes with syntax highlighting for many languages (PHP, Perl, Mason, etc....), plus it’s lightweight, inexpensive, and has lots of keyboard shortcuts.”

For Mac:

Matt likes: Emacs, TextMate, and TextEdit, depending on the job
"I prefer Emacs for how it handles tabbing and split screen, and that it keeps my hands on the keyboard the most."

Gabrielle likes: TextMate
"TextMate has Mason syntax highlighting, lots of plug-ins, good keyboard shortcuts, and it's inexpensive. I'm thinking about trying UltraEdit for Mac, though, which was released a couple of weeks ago.”

John likes: TextMate
"TextMate has good markup for lots of programming language. I like the features (multi-line editing, various hot keys, etc.), though I only use about 1/10th of what it can do."

For Linux:

Ross likes: Vim
“I've been using Vim for years to do system admin work, and there's some great plug-ins for Rails and Git."

Erik likes: Emacs
"I use Emacs cuz it was in the Facebook movie." Smartass.

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