If you’re anything like me, managing email can be daunting. I maintain multiple Gmail accounts (including my Table XI account) and if I’m not careful, I can quickly creep up to more than 1,000 unread messages.

Now there’s an answer to organizing inbox madness. The Mailbox app for iPhone makes it easy to achieve the mythical “zero email inbox,” and as of this month, the waitlist is over— it’s available for free on iTunes (though currently available only for Gmail, other platforms are in the works).

Developed by Orchestra, Mailbox checks email from the cloud, then delivers messages to your phone securely. While the interface may look familiar, it operates differently, using swipe controls to archive messages or move to trash. You can easily scan an entire conversation at once with chat-like organization. And best of all, you can “snooze” emails with a tap of a button, and they return to your inbox later when you have time to address them.

Fewer distractions, simple categorization, and easy prioritization make this app an incredible time saver. And apparently, I’m not the only one who says so. At last check the app was rated 4.5 stars in iTunes with more than 5,000 ratings.

What do you use to manage inbox overflow? I’m always looking for new suggestions.

Example of how to use the Mailbox app to declutter an inbox.

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