The Gmail logo along with three Erlenmeyer flasks filled with red, yellow and blue liquidsIn our constant quest to make our email practices as efficient as possible, we've rounded up some of our favorite applications that enhance Gmail's usage.

  • Taskforce. This free application allows you to turn emails into tasks, organize them in customized lists, share them with others, and set reminders. The manager lives in the upper right corner of your inbox, so it's easy to access tasks and check them off once you complete them. Taskforce works well in collaborative environments, too, since it allows you to share tasks and track progress among teams.
  • Rapportive. We've written about this app before, but it's so useful we had to mention it again. Rapportive publishes rich contact information right inside your inbox, using a sender's email address to find and display that sender's social network details in a panel next to the message. Without leaving your inbox you can see your contact's picture, company, title, recent tweets, and links to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles—all valuable info for putting new contacts into context.
  • Follow Up Then. We're so inundated with new email that once a message leaves the inbox, it can be hard to remember who and what needs following up. Enter Follow Up Then, an app that's so easy you don't even have to sign up for the service or visit the website. To follow up with someone in two days, BCC an email to; to follow up in a week, BCC How simple is that?

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