A very handy data tool Table XI started using is a service called Geckoboard. Akin to Bloomberg or CNBC’s stock market dashboards, Geckoboard aggregates all your company’s data into a simple, efficient, and beautifully designed dashboard, allowing you to easily understand what’s going on with your business in real-time.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Geckoboard pulls data from a range of sources, allowing you to pick and choose what to monitor. You only select the services you want and connect to them through APIs or proprietary data sources. These include CRM systems, advertising services, social media platforms, payment processors, web analytics services, excel spreadsheets, web infrastructure services, email providers, and e-commerce platforms.

Having one dashboard means you no longer need to log into every data service and constantly refresh 30 tabs to understand today’s performance—you now have it all in one place.

View Data Anywhere

Geckoboard’s mobile applications allow you to access your data anywhere, whether you’re on a phone, tablet, desktop, or TV. Check figures on the way to a meeting instantly by pulling up today’s ad performance, sales data, and web traffic on your phone. Project revenue data on a TV in common areas so your team can view performance in real time and stay focused on the bottom line.

Businesses that make the most informed decisions win in the long run. Geckoboard allows you to quickly and easily understand what’s happening to your business in real time, wherever you are.

Plans start at $17/mo, but Geckoboard also offers a 30-day unlimited free trial to get acquainted with the service. Get in touch with us if you want help setting up your own Geckoboard.

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