Fluid logoAggravation, thy name is Multiple Gmail Accounts. I have three that require regular checking, and hate constantly switching back and forth between tabs in my browser, trying to keep track of everything. What's more, now that Gmail has combined all my accounts under one master, separately signing in every time I open my Inbox is a hassle.

Thankfully, John Gore introduced me to Fluid, a free, downloadable app for Macs that creates a Site Specific Browser (SSB) from any website or web application, essentially allowing it to operate more like a native Mac desktop app. I've now broken my different mail accounts into separate apps that appear in my Dock and have animated alerts that indicate new mail. I've also turned Facebook and Pandora into Fluid apps, eliminating other frequently used tabs.

The program's quite easy: To turn a site Fluid you simply enter a URL, give your new app a name, and choose an icon for it. Voila—you have a new app that lives in your Applications folder and your Dock.

While Fluid is made specifically to be the best, most native SSB for Macs (10.5 OS or higher), other users can try its inspiration, Mozilla Prism.

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