If you’re not using Dropbox yet, drop everything and sign up. This cloud-based folder system allows you to access any documents, photos, or other files across your computers and mobile devices. Simply save a file inDropbox, and it’s immediately synced and available on any other device you’ve linked it to, as well as theDropbox website. So, for example, you can save a document in Dropbox on your work computer, then open the same doc again later on your home computer or iPad.

You can also share folders, so multiple people can have access to the same files without having to email back and forth. This is especially helpful for large files like photos or presentations, or for collaborating remotely with coworkers.

A Dropbox account is free for the first 2GB, with pricing plans available for more space. The service has also recently launched Dropbox Teams for businesses, with features like centralized billing, admin controls, and around-the-clock tech support.

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