Screenshot of the Divvy interface, a window management system from Mizage.Many of us, especially those who use multiple, large monitors, find ourselves with umpteen desktop windows open at any one time. Flipping back and forth among them can be tiresome, particularly when you want to reference information from one window while working with another. Sure, you can manually resize them, but for a quick and automated alternative, try Divvy, a window management system from Mizage.

The downloadable app for Mac and Windows gives you the ability to automatically resize and place your open widows on a predetermined grid that encapsulates your desktop. It’s an easy way to align multiple windows without overlaps or wasted space. Even better, you can save preset sizes and locations and assign them shortcut commands, so only a few keystrokes can clean up that cluttered desktop.

Divvy can be purchased for $14, or a trial version is available for free. The site also provides a video how-to.

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