Orange cat sticking its head through a box."Today is going to be a productive day. Yep. today is going to be the day I complete my entire to-do list. Knock it out of the park, that's what I'm going to do. Here we go, just going to boot up and…

What?! That cat can fit into that tiny box? Surely it must be magic! 

There’s a quiz to teach me what Disney Princess I am?

According to science, plants have feelings?!"

Sound familiar? It is for many. Today it’s easier than ever to get sucked into an endless Internet click vortex. The journey begins with you opening your browser and ends with you wasting a whole lot of time.

Now there’s a new way to streamline your day. The Dayboard to-do list is a simple Chrome extension that helps you focus on just 5 items a day. The idea is to write down the most important tasks you want to accomplish, and each time you visit your browser or open a new tab, you’re reminded of the task at hand.

The Dayboard app features:

  • a minimal todo list
  • focus mode that shows you one task at a time
  • history to show your progress
  • the ability to sync across machines (via Google sync)

In a recent Reddit post the Dayapp founder explains that he built the app to learn to program, but ultimately realized he was his own target audience. I’ve downloaded the extension and so far, so good: fewer Internet detours, more focus on the task at hand. Here's what it looks like in action:

dayboard screenshot chrome exampleYou can test drive the extension for yourself by downloading here:

I hope this was helpful. If it wasn’t maybe you’d prefer to take this quiz? Happy browsing.

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