If you happened to run into any French tourists this week, they may have been part of a group of delegates from several French Chambers of Commerce. These delegates are currently visiting our city to investigate business practices in Chicago. Naturally, they sought out the expertise of our very own Greg Baugues.

This past Wednesday, at an event hosted by the French American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, Greg gave a presentation titled "How American Companies Are Using Social Media." His talk focused on ways American businesses employ social media to attract and retain customers. Among other things, he touched on:

  • The importance of social media in establishing a company’s online identity
  • Ways companies use LinkedIn to get introductions to prospects
  • The state of brands on Facebook, featured in this infographic
  • How companies use Facebook to attract and vet new hires
  • The recent additions of Facebook Places, Facebook Deals, and how the trend of merging the online and physical worlds is affecting small businesses
  • Successful Twitter strategies that provide information to potential customers and, in the case of Old Spice, begin one-on-one conversations with customers (read more about this here)

The conference also featured Fred Hoch, president of the Illinois Technology Association, who gave a presentation on the state of tech companies in Chicago. Additionally, Michael Cournoyer from Technomedia, a French technology firm operating in Chicago, discussed the differences between doing business here and in France, and the changes French companies need to make to sell to the finicky American consumer. Americans want to cut through all the touchy-feely stuff, he said, and know what a product or service does and how much it costs.

Greg's not a big fan of using text in slide shows, but for what it's worth, here are his slides:

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