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March 17, 2016No Comments

MIT’s Polaris can cut page load time by 34 percent — what you need to know

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All that gorgeous photography and stylized copy that makes your product sell so well — it’s also what’s taking precious seconds to load when you call up your site on a smartphone. You need rich media to properly showcase what you’re selling, but you also need your site to be speedy enough to load quickly on small screens and conform to web standards. Amazon estimates that every extra 100 milliseconds it takes a page to load cuts its profits by 1 percent. It’s not just that users won’t wait around for 10, 20 seconds for your site to load — Google uses site speed in its search rankings. Slow sites will take an SEO hit, hurting the odds of your customers finding you organically — i.e. without paid advertising.

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February 1, 2012No Comments

6 Ways an Online Facelift Can Lift Traffic and Sales

A t-shirt that reads: who does your web?When we launched Strange Cargo’s new website in November, co-owner Jay Schwartz called the new site "bigger, bolder, and better." We’re excited to have the numbers back up Jay's words: In the month leading up to Christmas, the t-shirt retailer saw an improved conversion rate, an increase in the average order amount, and more than 50% growth in online revenue.

What’s making the difference? A cleaner, more compelling interface and newly created content have led to more traffic and sales conversions. Here are six changes that have contributed to improved sales performance:

  1. Longer, keyword-rich product descriptions increase visibility among search engines while capturing the brand’s irreverent style and voice.
  2. More customization options and a user-friendly, graphic interface make it quick and easy for shoppers to navigate the site and design the products they want.
  3. New product images feature real people wearing Strange Cargo’s merchandise, evoking the store's sense of fun and community.
  4. New product pages promote accessories and other items not previously available online.
  5. A one-page checkout process streamlines purchasing, leading to greater sales conversions.
  6. Newly added Facebook and Twitter buttons have increased social interaction and helped draw attention to social media promotions.

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