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Keep It Spicy with the Spice Boss

Attention chefs: Check out the Spice Boss, a new web video series from our friends at The Spice House. In these irreverent but informative (and SEO-friendly) videos, charismatic co-owner Tom Erd gives a behind-the-scenes look at the popular gourmet spice shop, dishing on his favorite recipes and spice rack must-haves.

We helped The Spice House create this series along with the talented folks at Fresh Giants. The first video, “Grilling with the Spice Boss,” has 2,300 views and counting, and revenue from another featured product, the Back of the Yards blend, has increased 82% over the same time period last year. The Spice House is receiving referral traffic from YouTube for the first time ever, more fans are engaging with the store’s Facebook page and mentioning the branded #keepitspicy hashtag, and Vienna Beef’s official Twitter account shared the Spice Boss’s grilling recipe (which didn’t even use Vienna Beef!).

Videos could be an opportunity for you, too. Creative content and social media can boost brand awareness and drive traffic, so get in touch with us if you’d like to talk strategy and search engine optimization. In the meantime, give Spice Boss a look and enjoy your sizzling summer recipes.

November 22, 20111 Comment

Fresh Ideas at The Spice House

We rolled out a slew of new websites in early November, which we'll tell you all about in the coming days. First up: the relaunch of The Spice House.

Since we helped relaunch their web presence in 2003, The Spice House has seen year-over-year growth in Internet sales, consistently ranked in the first page of Google search results for "spices" and other related terms, and received millions of visits from search engines each year. When we started planning a site update with the The Spice House, we didn't want to fix what wasn't broken; however, we did identify ways to enhance user experience and increase sales by improving navigation, simplifying the checkout process, and optimizing the site for new search terms.

Today The Spice House's online hub has a bold, fresh new look and feel, just in time for holiday cooking. Check them out to find spices and recipes to complete your Thanksgiving meal!

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