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Tech Tip: Score Great Photos with Fotor

fotorWant attractive images in your blog, newsletter, or social media accounts, but don’t need the heft of Photoshop? Try Fotor, a mobile and desktop app that gives you a suite of one-click editing and collage tools.

When you just want to make minor edits to photos or images—like resizing, adjusting brightness, straightening a crooked shot, or adding a frame or text—Fotor gets it done fast and simply, no comprehensive photo editing skills required.

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July 6, 20097 Comments

reCaptcha reTheme – UPDATED

Jan, 25th 2013 Update: Thanks for everyone who enjoyed this post - please take note that the zip file is back online - also please take note that this post was written 4 years ago and may not reflect the current state of reCaptcha.

UPDATE - Hi Everybody, thanks for the great feedback on this post. It seems that the supplied CSS was lacking support to force the display of your newly created icons, this should now be fixed and is available for download.

Please feel free to post any comments and question you may have.



If you need highly effictive spam protection and want to help digitze old books and manuscripts, reCaptcha is great, there is no better choice. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to configure it to match your website... thats a different story. Currently reCaptcha only offers 4 themes (red, blackglass, clean and white) which is better than nothing but can be an eyesore if none of these themes fits your site.  So to counteract this limitation we have compiled all the resources you need to create a custom reCaptcha for your website.

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