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Noble Websites Make the Grade

Noble Students Visit the White House

Noble Network of Charter Schools (Noble) is a network of non-selective public charter schools in Chicago dedicated to making a college degree a reality for low income students. As Noble expanded its network over the years, their campus websites lacked consistency and a central branding message. Moreover, these sites were difficult to update, so they weren’t effective tools for announcing school events and achievements. With plans to grow to 20 campuses serving more than 16,000 students in the next few years, Noble needed an updated web presence that could better serve its families, supporters, and employees. That’s where Table XI came in, and we’re proud to say we launched the new NobleNetwork.org under budget and ahead of schedule.

We collaborated closely with Noble to develop and design 16 websites and a content management system that allow the school to:

  • Simplify workflow and maintenance. 18 mostly non-technical staffers across the network keep the websites updated; now, because these sites are so easy to use, campuses are posting more information and keeping their sites better up-to-date, improving communication with families and constituents. Users can focus on sharing the stories of students and teachers, rather than spending time troubleshooting problems.
  • Provide a branded, customizable design for all Noble sites. Individual campuses can put their own colors and mascots on their sites, but still maintain the cohesive look and feel that spans the entire network.
  • Support recruitment of students and teachers. Families can find readily available information about enrollment and waitlists. Teacher candidates can access the network’s online application, and have found the new sites informative, easy to navigate, and reflective of Noble’s energy and dedication.
  • Allow for future growth and flexibility. Our site template is easily scalable, so as the Noble Network grows, they can add new campus websites without further development and design work, saving time and money. The system also supports the addition of new technology features as they become available.
  • Access social and multimedia channels, enhancing the Noble experience. Seamless integration with channels like YouTube and other social media networks has prompted an increase in multimedia use across the network. The Noble team now regularly uses multimedia materials to connect with donors, potential students, legislators, and teacher candidates.

Noble has been thrilled with the new sites and their performance.

“Overall, our new websites provided crucial momentum for a new marketing strategy and capital campaign that we launched in the past year,” says External Affairs Coordinator Sara Kandler. “The websites have helped Noble more effectively participate in 21st century technology. They allow us to respond quickly to the diverse needs of our campuses and communicate rapidly and effectively with our families and supporters. Because our campuses have a high level of comfort with the sites, they spend much less time on updates, and our support team devotes less time to troubleshooting problems, because there aren’t any!”

At Table XI we’re dedicated to partnering with nonprofits in Chicago. As we head into 2013, we’re happy to be part of the Noble team and their goal to provide a premium education to deserving Chicago students, preparing them for college and beyond.

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The New Face of Facing Disability

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new partner site that will be an important addition to the medical community. Over the past eighteen months we’ve been working with Facing Disability, a Chicago-based nonprofit, to design and build a web resource that serves paraplegics, quadriplegics, and their families.

Facing Disability is the brainchild of Robert Hill and public television veteran Thea Flaum. When Robert’s daughter Vicki suffered a debilitating neck injury in 1986, the couple discovered that, while Vicki was thankfully able to find guidance and comfort through peer counseling, the same kind of programs were not available to family members. Seeing a need, they wanted to launch an online hub that could feature video interviews with people living with spinal cord injuries, information from the medical community, and access to community support groups.

When Thea first explained her personal connection to spinal cord injuries and her vision for Facing Disability, we were excited to get involved. We worked closely with the group to build a framework that could most effectively present its greatest assets, including its library of more than 1,000 video interviews. The end result is a clean, navigable site that allows users to search through and view this extensive video collection, as well as connect with a peer counseling program. Additionally, a community-driven forum gives members the opportunity to ask questions or publish their own tips or advice.

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