Fox 32 Chicago filming inside the Table XI's offices.Word of our office inner workings is getting around. Earlier this month, Fox 32 Chicago featured Table XI in two segments for their evening and morning news. Tisha Lewis stopped by our office to tour our standing work stations, grab a bite of Chef Aram's low fat (but delicious) lunch, and witness Josh conducting a meeting from a moving treadmill. The next morning, Josh paid a visit to Corey McPherrin of Good Day Chicago and spoke about how our office is "...a comfortable and easy place to come to work. We've got standing desks for people who want to stand; if you want to sit, you can sit. [It's] very open, there are no barriers to collaboration."

When asked about the practicalities of our culture, Josh pointed out that, due to our lighter lunches and ability to work in a flexible environment, we don't fall victim as much to the dreaded "afternoon slump," and stay productive the whole day through.

Of course, our daily trips to Starbucks help, too.

Watch both videos below:

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