Chicago Ideas Week logoChicago Ideas Week is just a few weeks away! If you’ve been following our blog, or recent tweets, you’ve heard us talking a lot about the upcoming events. Not sure what to attend this year? We’re happy to share our cheat sheet. Here are some of the places you'll find us, and some of our top picks for 2014:

Table XI Events

Biggest Mistakes Night

Wednesday, Oct 8, 7:30pm

On October 8 Table XI is helping to kick of Chicago Ideas Week with "Biggest Mistake Night", an entertaining evening  that celebrates some of our less-great ideas. Since agile is all about "failing quickly" this is a topic that really resonates with us. We've invited 11 Chicago leaders (our own Mark Rickmeier among them) to share their mistakes and the lessons they've learned from them. Tickets available here.

Agile Lego Game*

Wednesday, Oct 14

Table XI is hosting a lab in our office to  teach agile development with LEGOs. We’ve developed a fun interactive game that demonstrates the design and development process with iterative LEGO building. It's a blast, and can be helpful for people new to the agile software method, or looking for experience putting it into action.
*This event is currently sold out, but if you’re interested to attending, please email to join the wait list. 

Lessons: Turning Points

Tuesday, Oct 14 7-8:30 PM

We're sponsoring this session that encourages speakers to share the defining moments that forced them to reflect on their lives and forge new paths. From learning to communicate with an autistic son, committing to raise global standard of maternal health and talking down a school shooter, these stories provide a new lens on family, career and the pursuit of happiness in the modern world. Turning Points will be a good opportunity to think about how we can all get better at adapting to change.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Technology and Innovation: How Technology Is Reinventing Industries

Friday, Oct 17, 6:o0 pm @ Table XI

From websites to cloud computing, mobile apps to 3D printing, technology is reshaping the way we do business. Join some of Chicago’s tech leaders for a conversation that will explore how technology is breathing new life into old institutions and re-imagine the future of Chicago business. Join Chef Sean of KitchenSurfing, a Chicago community that connects chefs to private events and social occasions.

Some Talks We’re Talking About

Work: Work Like A _______

Wed, Oct 15 12-1:30pm

This is not your average professional development session. Learn how to boost your own productivity by working like a philosopher, MMA fighter, movie producer and more. Break out of your cubicle and redefine your approach to work under the guidance of these unique mentors.

Creative Process: The Impulsive, Calculated, Evolving, Joyful, Maddening Journey from Idea to Reality

Saturday, Oct 18 7pm-8:30pm

What do a ventriloquist, an Academy Award-nominated actress, two globe-trotting entrepreneurs and a self-proclaimed food geek have in common? A creative drive that leads to unique, evolving and evocative art. Get a glimpse into the creative mind as our speakers take you from TV script to hit show, recipe to avant garde meal, canvas shoe to walking work of art and more.

The Brain: This Is Your Brain On...

Sunday, Oct 19, 12-1:30pm

What makes meditation so powerful? How do drugs alter your mental state? How can social pressures chemically impact your moral code? CIW analyzes your brain “on” a variety of experiences, substances and more with insights from renowned neuroscientists, doctors and philosophers.

Interested in attending any Chicago Ideas Weeks Talks or Conversations? You’re in luck! We have sponsor tickets and would be happy to share. Contact us for a promocode.

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