Killer Social Apps: Five Trends Shaping the Future of Brand Engagement


Goal of this Presentation
- Identify Trends
- trend is a fad comes into popularity and then it goes away
- help us identify unment needs of the marketplace

Trend: Game Mechanics
- Incorporate achievements, awards Reward users for continuing to use your app
- Farmville is a game, but you don't have to dev a game to take advantage of these concepts
- Must invite neighbors to progress
- More neighbors = bigger plantation
- Points or bonuses for logging in
- if you miss loggin in today, you miss that reward
- Points for collection of barn related accessories

Empire Avenue
- simulate your social presence as a publicly traded stock
- value of your social presence trades during the day
- people buy and sell shares of you
- it is a market game the market decides who the most influencial people are
- Everyone starts with stock value of 10
- hook up with your social networks
- stock price fluctuates with interaction
- people purchase stock and get value trading your social worth
- takes klout and adds game mechanics

Trend: Mobile Contextual Relevancy
- Huge untapped market here
- Too many people make web app first, then make a mobile app version
- Must Rethink dev process before going to mobile space
- Realize that there is so much else you can do with mobility
- it may be worth scrapping project and treating mobile as its own thing
- App is relevant within its location
- Luke from Facebook wrote a great piece on why you should consider mobile version of app first (can anyone find this article?) Because mobile app is so compact it forces you to prioritize
- Web apps can do anything -  you have all the surface area to work with
- mobile is more succinct

Trend: Augmented Reality
- Integrating twitter feeds/phtotos into the current application
- Provides a new level of convergence in social media
- Not something the panelists have been very involved in to date

Trend: Push Technology
- Have information relevant to me pushed directly to me
- Adds location and temporal relevancy

Trend: Social Proofing
- Social network is jumping out of walled garden
- Bring their social network to bear on the outside web
- eg: Retweet buttons
- Digg were the first one to really do this with "Digg This" button on articles etc.
- FB lite widget on Tech Crunch... see my friends who like this
- Lends social proof that my friends like this... I should too
- Flipboard ipad app - creates newspaper out of social network info
- Figure out fun ways to develop apps that allow a person's social network to proof the content and decide was will be most important
- Companies are looking for the consumer to spread the message
- These things allow you to find content and reshare it through your social networks

Trend: Activating Brand Advocates
- Three legged stool approach Web, Mobile, Social Media
- Three overlapping circles
- How do we get our customers to visit us on the web, activate when they are physically close, invite their friends
- Take product or new concept and bounce it off your customer's fans
- Working on an application for lava lamp been around in physical form for 30 years
- other companies were building this app built an app with free flowing lava
- started seeing an opportunity to build your own lavalamp
- share with your friends in your social network
- now we know these people like lavalamps
- Use social networks to see what lavalamps people like, then use that info for future product development
- Use this information as the force to drive new customer development

Trend: Tying Real World to Virtual and Vice Versa
- buying virtual currency in the real world
- At 7/11 you can buy credits for farmville
- Other businesses: check in via foursquare and get BOGO coupon
- There is no defacto real to virtual currency
- In the next six months there will probably be new moves in facebook to tie "Liking" into a physical currency.
- Thinks that eventually facebook liking may be restricted to only a few likes a day.
- This will make the "like" resource scare and give value to it
- Brands may start looking to capture likes and reward them with real world value
- Storefronts have a "like me on facebook sticker"

Trend: Bringing Social Media to the Real World
- A space apart
- Brings social media into geo location
- Sign up  -> tag interests/who you are  -> brings to your local space
- Meet people you might be interested in meeting
- "Just got a tweet that we are on our seventh or eighth trend right now.
- You guys are getting some bonus trends.  We couldn't settle on Five"

Idea for a future application put out by a bank
- Say you are going into buying a guitar
- Been looking for a while online
- Bank tracks that you've been looking online for a guitar
- Bank tries to find the lowest price for you while you are out and about in the real world
- Let's say you are close to this store when you are out and about
- Bank might tell you that "hey you are within five miles of this store, and its as low of a price as you can get"
- "We've also knew you were looking to purchase a guitar, so we have been putting away money for you every month for the last eight months."
- "We noticed you made this large purchase.  Would you like to buy $2000 of insurance for $5?"
- You get upsold by the bank, and they provide value added service to you

Online behavior demographic research
- Millenials (1979 1995) are more likely to adopt
- Less adoption on the older ages
- Younger ages say "it's supposed to be this way"
- Gen Y is a target market.  60 million people in the united states
- Gen X a little, not as much Boomers - not nearly as interested
- "It's wild wild west time right now"

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