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We create custom digital experiences that transform Chicago’s top companies

We create custom digital experiences that transform Chicago’s top companies

Does your company have Chicago mobile app development needs? Find out why businesses count on Table XI to build their digital experiences

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Our mobile capabilities:

Our mobile capabilities:

Mobile Design
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We’ve Created Hundreds of Applications for Our Chicago-Based Clients

We’ve Created Hundreds of Applications for Our Chicago-Based Clients

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How we help our Chicago customers build award-winning mobile apps

Customer-Centric Design

Our mobile app designs have earned rave reviews from clients and customers in the Chicago area and around the country, and have received numerous local and national awards. That’s because we’re constantly learning, digging into the latest research, tracking new developments in design thinking, and refining our own best practices to make sure we perpetually reside on the cutting edge of mobile design.

The end result of this design obsession? An established track record of delivering mobile app experiences with a clean, engaging interface, sleek functionality, and countless 5 star reviews from satisfied customers. Working with Table XI guarantees your app will have the next-level design necessary to stand out in today’s crowded digital marketplace.

Relentless Optimization

Our fixation on constant improvement and refinement isn’t just limited to design. It extends to every aspect of building your mobile app, from achieving the highest speeds, to meeting the strictest security standards, to optimizing for minimal maintenance going forward.

Continually seeking out ways to build a better mobile app has been ingrained in Table XI’s DNA from the beginning. It’s a pursuit that we’re passionate about not only because it’s fundamental to our work, but also because of the way we have seen that work deliver for our mobile app development clients in Chicago and around the country time and time again.

Results Oriented

Ultimately mobile app development comes down to a question: did the app meet expectations in terms of furthering your business goals? At Table XI we are committed to achieving results that don’t just live up to expectations, but exceed them, often considerably.

There’s a reason so many Chicago mobile app development clients have chosen to work with us again and again. We work tirelessly in our discovery process to make sure we understand the nuances of your audience and your business needs, so that we can leverage our development expertise to create an app that proves essential to your business.

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Margaret Jestrebski

Chief Growth Officer
Chicago, Illinois

Our promise (fulfilled for 18 years and counting)

Choosing the right mobile app development partner in Chicago can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what we’ve delivered hundreds of time over nearly two decades of working with our clients:

We mind the budget.

We budget down to the individual risk, so the range in your proposal reflects what you’ll actually pay. No surprises — just the most value for dollar.

We ask tough questions

Our discovery process digs in to debunk the ideas that don't add value and find opportunities for real results.

Award-winning designs

We’ve had numerous industry leaders recognize our designs, which are used by millions of people each year

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“What differentiates Table XI from anybody else is a deeper understanding of the entire business … Table XI just greatly expands the collective intelligence of Dickson”

Chris Sorensen, VP of Sales & Marketing, Chicago, Illinois

We’ve been repeatedly recognized as one of Chicago’s top software development firms

It’s the people who work with us constantly that repeatedly vote us to the top of lists of best mobile app developers, best software design and more. Just look at the recognition Table XI received in 2019 alone.


We have a long history of helping Chicago companies build amazing mobile applications

Since 2002, the motto “Tech Done Right” has informed every decision we make. With those three words as our north star, we’ve built a robust track record of partnering with companies from numerous industries to create mobile app experiences that open up new possibilities for their business.

“Tech Done Right” means honoring the trust our clients have placed in us every day we work with them and treating their investment in us like it’s our own. It means putting in the work to understand their businesses as thoroughly as we understand ours. It means creating the kind of culture where our people can grow and thrive, and in turn deliver the kind of standout client service and needle-moving results we expect from ourselves and from our work.

While we appreciate the awards and accolades we’ve received over the years for our mobile app development work in Chicago and around the country, there’s no bigger honor for us than the rate at which clients continue to partner with us, or refer their friends and colleagues in other industries to us when they are in need of mobile app development work. It validates what our commitment to “Tech Done Right” means for a partnership. Find out what it can mean for your business.


Why Table XI stands out among the best mobile app development companies in Chicago

Digital Strategy

We understand the value of putting in the strategic work up front to put your project on the best possible footing, learning your business inside and out and asking the right questions to gain a deep understanding of your short and long term goals. With a thorough evaluation of your users, resources, and competition, we can focus on the most essential goals of your mobile app, ignoring unnecessary distractions and superfluous features and zeroing in on the key elements needed to help your business grow.

A mobile app development project that isn’t rooted in a well-founded strategy can easily drift astray or fall short of expectations due to poor assumptions. We’ve built our strong reputation in Chicago in part because of the commitment to strategic thinking that underpins all of our development projects.

Best-in-Class UX

Crafting a well-informed, unique strategy for each of our clients also allows us to create a UX that is second to none. We perform the necessary research and testing needed to appreciate the specific qualities that represent our audience, making us empathetic to their needs and attuned to the precise qualities your mobile app needs to deliver.

When you take our robust institutional knowledge informed by decades of experience and combine it with our relentless commitment to learning and testing our own assumptions, you can be confident your app’s UX will not only be informed by industry best practices, but also uniquely tailored to meet the habits of your audience.

Expert Development

It doesn’t matter if your needs are for iOS, Android, or a cross-platform experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re focused on phones, tablets, set-top boxes or wearables. Our decades of mobile app development experience prevent us from ever being taken by surprise, making Table XI a steady partner you can trust to guide your development project.

We’ve become Chicago’s mobile app development go-to for a variety of reasons, but the quality and drive of our expert development team is central to all of it. We are genuinely passionate about the work we do, and, more importantly, the ways that work can transform your business.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Once your app launches, you can still count on Table XI to be there when you need us to provide the ongoing technical support and maintenance a mobile app requires to continue operating at peak efficiency. We are committed to continuing to make sure your app is driving business growth well past its launch date.

That said, part of what “support” means to us is also empowering and preparing your team to run your new product with confidence. We will always be there to help, but to us part of that help is putting in the work to make sure your team can take true ownership of its new mobile app.

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