What do you get for the one guy who’s got everything?

How about the one non-renewable finite resource by which we are all bound:  Time.

We have all heard about the outsourcing of various service jobs overseas that has become prevalent over the last five or ten years.  We live in an age where telecommunication and online technologies have rendered geographic location irrelevant in a wide variety of business arenas.  Economics dictates that the outsourcing trend will not go away.  We can complain about its inherent unfairness… or embrace the trend, get on the bus, and start outsourcing our personal lives.

AskSunday.com offers personal assistants available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Thirty dollars per month buys you 30 “requests” (assumed to take about 20 minutes apiece) and they can perform almost any kind of task that does not require their physical presence.

Have an early meeting that you can’t miss?  Have your personal assistant give you a wake-up call.  Hungry, but don’t have the number to your favorite pizza spot?  “Can you please order a large cheese pizza from Pizza Metro, pay with my credit card that’s on file, and have it delivered to my house?”

Ask Sunday has been a fantastic asset for accomplishing tasks that we would simply never get around to doing (like paying parking tickets).  In the past couple of months we’ve also used them for the following requests:

“Call Sprint customer service and three-way me in when you get a real person on the phone.”

“Call all the Home Depot’s within 50 miles of Chicago and ask if they have__ in stock.”

“Find a housecleaning service that charges less than $20/hr and can be at my house tomorrow at 9am.”

“Order a sync cable for my Treo 650 and have it shipped to my office”

Outsourcing your life is more of an art form than a science.  Some tasks are better suited to outsourcing than others.  To get started, we recommend outsourcing everything you can think of to see what works and what doesn’t.  It certainly takes some trial and error but it is fun, effective and makes your life better.

Check out asksunday.com for details.

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