One of the interesting things that happens when you work with the same customers for a long time is being part of a website’s entire lifecycle.

In early 2005, we helped Gradesaver, a client specializing in online education services, rebuild their former site*. Their market is a competitive one and the new site made an immediate impact on revenue.  At the same time, we helped them streamline the site’s development and content management, as well as the payment of the writers and editors that provide the company’s editing services.

By early 2008, Gradesaver’s competitors had made major strides forward revamping their own sites.  The old version of* was starting to seem a bit dated, and growth had stagnated.  We suggested a systematic facelift of the front end of the site to restructure their content, URLs, and navigation in a way that would improve the experience for users and improve the site’s search engine rankings.

We launched the new version of* at the end of last year. The new site is highly search-optimized, and represents page-by-page analysis of the way users find and interact with the huge body of content the company has developed.

The site is still new, but its preliminary results have been encouraging.  Many of the terms we chose for optimization have met with improved search engine ratings, and more of the people who visit the site are making purchases, despite the state of the economy.

While there is still room for refinement, we are excited with the progress, and looking forward to an exciting 2009. We thank our clients Nick and Olivia as well as Table XI team members John, Matt, Rich, and Jordan for all of their tireless efforts rebuilding the site!

* the archived versions of the site are displayed courtesy of’sWayback Machine which can supply endless hours of kitschy Internet amusement

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