Screenshot of PUSH Wellness, a corporate wellness incentives programIt’s no secret that healthy employees are good for business and often lead to reduced healthcare claims and absenteeism. Table XI client PUSH Wellness is a corporate wellness incentives program that offers a uniquely effective and fair progress-based approach, which drives improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

What sets PUSH apart from other corporate wellness programs is that it enables employers to designate monthly cash rewards for individuals who achieve measurable health improvements. PUSH also sends employees targeted messages to help them improve their “PUSH score,” a proprietary health score based on biometric data.

“Unlike other wellness programs, PUSH Wellness focuses on measurable, meaningful, and modifiable behaviors,” says Dr. Greg Vachon, Founder of PUSH Wellness. And, unlike other programs, PUSH incentives are available to all employees who make continuous improvement, irrespective of an individual’s initial health and fitness levels.

“In the wellness industry there are lofty claims and promises that go unrealized. PUSH Wellness shows real results,” says co-founder Charlie Zei, a former research manager at Northwestern. The first pilot of the program started Jan 1, 2012, and the second began in August. To date, the data is compelling:

Goal setting - Kathryn• More than 55% of employees who began the program overweight or obese lost weight while participating, losing an average of 6 pounds each over the ten-month period
• 89% of people with high blood pressure improved their blood pressure
• 25% of smokers quit smoking
• 65% of participants improved their fitness levels

Table XI partnered with PUSH Wellness to build the beta platform, and we were so impressed with their model and leadership team that we made a small equity investment in the company.

“We believe in the power of data and the power of incentives. PUSH Wellness brings the two together to reward and incentivize healthy behaviors,” says our CEO Josh Golden. “We do something similar at Table XI, where we offer a five dollar cash reward to everyone who enters their hours each day. We built an internal tool to automate this system, and we know it works—employees enter hours on time, which allows us to invoice clients more quickly, reduce our account receivables, and improve our invoicing accuracy. The industry may be different, but the psychology behind PUSH Wellness’ behavior-based incentives is the same.”

PUSH Wellness is now open to company enrollment and is specifically seeking progressive employers in the Chicagoland area who make evidence-based benefit decisions for organizations with between 200 and 2,000 employees. Ideal partners include employers in manufacturing, health care, or service industries.

To learn more or to enroll your company, send an email to

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