Several months ago our Senior Designer, Daniel Strabley, launched the website InstantCosby, where you can click anywhere on the site and joyful Cosby gifs continue on an endless loop. Here at Table XI, we've been enjoying the site for several months. It was our own little daily dose of entertainment, and it was all ours. But somehow, last week, the Internet found out about it. It started with a post from the AV Club, and next thing we knew, Daniel was being interviewed by the DailyDot.

Before Daniel got too busy booking Ellen to talk to us, I sat him down in the kitchen to tell us what it was like being Internet Famous. So here it is, the interview that everyone's been looking for: a behind-the-scenes with the creator of InstantCosby.

Me: What was the inspiration for InstantCosby?

Daniel: I sit next to Jon Fernandez. We used to send each other Cosby gifs all day. Cosby makes Jon laugh so hard he starts to snot. Then one day I thought, "I need to share this with the world."

Me: So InstantCosby is really a humanitarian effort?

Daniel: Exactly. Think Red Cross meets Beavis and Butthead.

Me: How many Cosbys have been generated so far?

Daniel:  As of now about 260,000. I’m no Cosbyologist, but I’m pretty sure that's enough Cosby's to reach the moon and back.

Me: What's been the most unexpected outcome of your sudden rise to fame?

Daniel: I'm not sure. Maybe that I don’t have to wait in line for the bathroom at Table XI. That's got to be some kind of fame metric, right?

Me: Definitely. How much money is this website generating you?

Daniel: Negative 30 dollars a month.

Me:  You're rich! So what’s next for InstantCosby?

Daniel: Google buyout. Or a lifetime supply of Jello. I can't tell which one I want more.

 Me: I was wondering about that. How significant was Jello in your childhood?

Daniel: When I was growing up my mom got us generic Jello. It was rough. You can have generic Jello, but there's no such thing as "Generic Cosby."

Me: You never had Jello? Did you even comprehend the impact you were about to make in the Cosby-loving world?

Daniel: It’s like religion. You don’t have be at church everyday to understand it.

Me: So what's next for you, as a designer and entrepreneur?

Daniel: First priority: avoiding being sued by Bill Cosby. Actually, I guess that would be the best and worst outcome. Worst because I’d have to go to court, but best because I'd get to meet Bill F*&#ing Cosby!

Me: Anything else your fans should know about you?

Daniel: Yep. There’s more. Check out Jon's website: InstantArnold. You're welcome.

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