Each month we try to bring you a new technology or service that makes your life easier. The newest craze sweeping our office doesn't require an internet connection, or even a plug: Meet the collapsible, pocket whiteboard called the Noteboard.

"Durable, portable, and infinitely re-writeable," Noteboard consists of a grid of laminated index cards that fold up map-style from 35" x 15" to 5" x 3", and can be wiped clean with a dry-erase board eraser. Nothing fancy, but sometimes the best solution is the simplest one.

Already our team has found many uses:

1. Presentations. We've been sketching out our ideas for presentation slides on Noteboard's index cards; folding the grid in different ways then allows us to visualize alternative slide orders. The convenient portability means that if inspiration hits on the train or in the Starbucks line, we can capture thoughts on-the-go.

2. Interviews. Rather than make interviewees use the wall whiteboard to solve a problem, we spread the Noteboard out on the table for them. This way our group can observe their thought processes without all that pressure of standing up at the front of the room, like you had to do in math class.

3. Prototypes. Since each index card is roughly the size of an iPhone, our mobile devs use them to design app pages and flow. Then they take photos of each card and map out app prototypes on POP.

So there you have it: a low-tech tool for high-tech problems. And at $10 a board, it's a cost effective one, too.

Planning to pick up your own Noteboard? Let me know—I'm curious to know how you use them.

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