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Summer may be winding down, but a crop of new faces has been popping up around the office and our empty desks are filling up fast. We're happy to welcome these new peeps to the fold:

Ed LaFoy, Table XI mobile developer After first luring him to the loft under the pretense of Star Wars Rooftop Movie Night, we were psyched Ed LaFoy stuck around to serve as our very first mobile developer. The fact that he thinks everyone should see the Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama, solidifies his nerd meme credit.

Starbucks order: Tall black coffee

Table XI developer, Andrew Horner Our other new developer, Andrew Horner, has a patent love for Dr. Seuss (who doesn't?), and is, himself, a practitioner of Seussian rhyme. We also appreciated that he broke out the TXI green straight away.

Starbucks order: Black coffee

Subha Sriram, Delivery Principle for Table XI. Coming to us from digital consultancy Thoughtworks, Subha Sriram is our newest Delivery Principle. She has a penchant for cooking Indian food and would walk to the office every day, if it weren't 40 miles away from her house (doh!). Oh yeah, and she's also the mother of triplets.

Starbucks order: Highly customized chai tea

Tina Stump, Director of Accounting and Finance for Table XI. With a background in the education industry, having worked previously at Harrington College of Design, Tina Stump comes aboard as our Director of Accounting and Finance. She's pretty familiar with how we do things over here, since she also happens to be married to one of our developers, Chris Stump. Even better, she fills the office quota for being able to do the moonwalk.

Starbucks order: Black coffee

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