Over the years we’ve developed mobile apps that make it easy for businesses to manage their resources, teams, products, and customer experiences. We’ve helped make it easy for consumers to buy study guides, purchase tickets, and even order groceries through their phones. We've also developed a mobile application to generate content for an organization that wanted to incorporate user video testimonials into their website.

Simply put: if you’ve got an idea, Table XI has the team to build it.

Meet the team

Ed lafoy photo

Ed Lafoy

Mobile practice lead - iOS, Design

Ed hails from Detroit and is an avid Red Wings fan, a gardener, and a gamer. He first joined us for movie night 3 years ago to watch Star Wars. (It was cold, and he forgot to wear a jacket. We knew he was tough.) Previously, Ed worked in various consultancies and other organizations doing iOS, Flash, .NET, and front-end work.

Favorite Apps: Alien blue, Instagram, Personal Capital, Amazon




Quinn Stephens

Mobile developer: iOS, Android

Quinn is a Chicago native. He loves to create weird games, art, and writing in his spare time. He’ll be the first to tell you he loves to cook and travel, but mostly because he loves to eat. Quinn started in design and video production and gradually moved into software development. He also worked as an artist and a video game designer, helping to develop Deep World, an indie massively multiplayer online game with two Table XI veterans.

Favorite Apps: Twitter, Feedly, Dark Sky, Camera


dan hodos portrait

Dan Hodos

Senior developer: Ruby, iOS, Design

Dan is a north New Jersey native and has more than 10 years of experience at both product and service companies, running the gamut from back- and front-end development to design and product management. When he’s not technology-ing, he regularly performs improvisational comedy. Fun fact: Dan has worked with Gabe Gironda (another TXI alum) at 5 different companies since 2005, including Table XI.

Favorite Apps: Reeder, Pocket Casts, Transit, Yelp


john dzak photo

John Dzak

Senior developer: iOS, Ruby

John hails from the northern suburbs of Chicago. He enjoys cooking, biking, playing accordion, and relaxing with friends and family. Previously he worked on clinical scheduling, data capture, and research tools for patients and doctors (mostly in Ruby and Java but sprinkled with a little iOS). He’s also worked on customer service applications for Allstate and Discover Financial (in Java and Cobol). He was introduced to TXI through someone from Northwestern’s NUCore application (a TXI project).

Favorite Apps: Dark Sky, Drops, Pandora, and Instapaper


mark yoon photo

Mark Yoon

Senior developer: iOS, Design, Ruby

Mark is also originally from Chicago, and was connected with TableXI through John Dzak. He believes user experience and creativity are the spirit of software development, and that technology is just a small part of addressing the diversity of human need. He's also an amateur carpenter, metalworker, and sailor, but a professional father.

Favorite Apps: Spotify, Transit Stop, YNAB, Wunderlist


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