A recently overheard conversation that took place in the middle of the office between developer Micah Gates and new marketing director Kate Garmey, her first week on the job:

Micah: “Excuse me, but I have an extremely random question for you.”
Kate: “Shoot.”
Micah: “Were you in Costa Rica seven years ago?”
Kate: “You’re right, that’s random. But actually...I think I was.”
Micah: “And did you do some trekking while you were there?”
Kate (growing dubious): “Um, yes...”
Micah: “Right. Did you, uh, happen to do that trek with me?”
Kate: “No. Way.”

But lo, she had, in fact, done that trek with Micah.

Seven years ago, Kate was a volunteer in Nicaragua, working in an orphanage on the island of Ometepe, and Micah was backpacking around Costa Rica. The two met on a bus headed south toward Corcovado National Park, where they joined forces for a three-day jungle trek, surrounded by jaguars, howler monkeys, and sloths.

Kate went on to travel to Panama, Micah to Nicaragua, and, these being pre-Facebook days, when emails were exchanged on paper torn from journals and then promptly misplaced, the two lost touch. Neither knew that the other now lived in Chicago, much less recently started working for the same company.

We are very pleased to have both Micah and Kate aboard the Table XI team. Fortunately, for this next adventure, no malaria pills are required. Yet.

Micah was even able to dig up some photos from the trip:


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