We just launched the new Facing Disability mobile application under the design leadership of Ed Lafoy, our resident iOS wizard. This new app allows anyone to create and upload videos to Facing Disability's website.

Facing Disability is a nonprofit organization supporting and connecting individuals suffering with spinal cord injuries. The site aggregates more than 1,000 videos and shares answers to common questions about coping with spinal cord injuries. The videos are highly curated, edited, and are the culmination of more than a year of interviews.

The new mobile app makes it possible for even more people to contribute their voices and perspectives to FacingDisability.com. Now members can securely contribute videos anytime,  anywhere, and enjoy a new flexibility and accessibility that’s particularly important to the Facing Disability community.

How It Works

The iOS app allows users to record videos from their phones and upload them seamlessly to Facing Disability’s video library.

First, users enter basic meta data about themselves and have the option to select a question related to spinal cord injury such as: “How have your family relationships changed?” “What do you wish you had known at the beginning?” and “How do you handle anger?”


From there, the user is shown brief, in-app direction on how to record a video. After recording, the user can upload the video to Facing Disability’s video library with just one click. Once approved, the video appears on the Facing Disability website.

photo 4

Please check out this new app and share it with anyone you know who might benefit from becoming part of the Facing Disability community.

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