In September I had the opportunity to give a lightning talk (a five minute presentation) to Windy City Rails - a conference of over 200 Ruby on Rails programmers from all over the midwest.

The title of my presentation was How to Be The Most Interesting Man In The World. Sadly, I am not The Most Interesting Man In the World. The more accurate title would be "How to have a conversation with anyone and have them feel that it was the most interesting conversation they've had all day"... but that doesn't fit on a single slide in 60 point font.

Though I work in business development for Table XI, my background is in computer programming. Talking to people is not something that comes naturally to me - for most of my childhood I shared in the social anxieties that make for the stereotypes of software developers. My talk was about lessons I've learned for hacking face-to-face conversations and how I learned to talk to people by treating it as an engineering challenge.

The video of the lightning round talks were just posted online. You can find mine at the 20:40 mark below. (Vimeo doesn't have an option to deeplink to a specific time in a video, but you can skip there once it has loaded to that point.)

Lightning Talks from ChicagoRuby on Vimeo.

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