Pegmo logoWhen Table XI took a company retreat to Costa Rica last year, some wondered if it would be worth the investment of time and money. Our goals were to take a macro look at our business by getting away from the day-to-day nitty gritty, while also brainstorming and exploring new ideas developed by the team.

One year later, one of those ideas is stepping out on its own. We’re excited to announce the launch of Pegmo, a new social engagement and loyalty site where users complete “pegs” for fun and rewards.

The concept is the brainchild of Jordan Ho, a self-professed gamer who rued the fact that everyday life, unlike video games, doesn’t typically hand out merit badges or achievement points. He wanted to create a system that could give people that sense of fun and accomplishment, a treasure hunt for the real world.

The play on Pegmo is twofold: Individual users can sign up for a free account and interact with their friends and favorite brands by creating and achieving pegs, tasks that might range from checking in on Foursquare to trying out the Banh Mi sandwiches at Saigon Sisters to hitting up North Avenue beach for a game of volleyball.

Pegmo screenshot

Meanwhile, businesses can sponsor paid campaigns that engage people in meaningful ways and reward their best customers. Fans of longtime Table XI client The Spice House, for instance, can win a jar of their famous Vulcan's Fire Salt by following The Spice House on Twitter, creating new recipes using Spice House spices, and posting photos on Facebook of spices growing in the wild. All of this activity across social media platforms is aggregated at Pegmo, which validates and tracks a user's pegs.

The idea is not just to acquire new customers, like in, say, the Groupon model, but to motivate existing customers and target their actions.

“Lots of companies are trying to get Facebook and Twitter followers, but they’re not focusing on the engagement and activity,” says Jordan. “Here, fans create content for your business, like uploading pictures of themselves using your products. Businesses struggle to create content because it’s not their core competency. Now users do it for you, and it’s more valuable content.”

As a reader of this newsletter you’ve already achieved your first peg! Just click here to achieve “Stay in the Loop,” head on over to Pegmo, and play for a while.

Businesses interested in learning more about Pegmo can should Contact us.

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