When I started at Table XI five years ago, we had six employees. Back then, all of us were elbow-deep in client work everyday. If one of our clients needed help, they picked up the phone and called one of our founding partners—Josh, Matt, or Jordan.

Now that we've grown to 30+ employees, Josh and Matt have to spend more time on high-level organizational tasks, and Jordan left with the acquisition of Pegmo last year. Since these transitions, many of our most loyal clients haven't had a clear point of contact within Table XI. Additionally, though we've got great project managers and structured process for ushering a client through the creation of a new project, many clients don't know who to contact if they need help post-launch.

I'm excited to announce that now, that's my job. In February, I was promoted to Director of Client Services and tasked with ensuring that our clients continue to feel loved after their site goes live.

It feels like a job I've been training for for a long time—I just didn't know it. I'm an engineer by trade, and spent last year as a full-time developer. The three years before that I was our sales guy, translating technical talk into client-speak and back. Perhaps, though, the best training for this gig came a decade ago, when I spent a semester picking up trash and cleaning "protein spills" at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. There I learned customer service from the best in the biz.

In my new role, I'm responsible for making sure maintenance requests find their way to the appropriate person. I'll help clients understand what's going on with their site, and figure out ways to boost traffic and sales. And yes, there will probably be an occasional treating to an after-hours cocktail.

If you do have a problem, an idea of how we could better serve you, or just want to say hi, drop me a line at greg@tablexi.com.

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