Ruby Rogues logoRecently, our old colleague Greg Baugues chatted with the guys at Ruby Rogues about a subject we think is one of the most important facing our industry today: the prevalence and stigma of mental illness in the developer community. A programmer who struggled for a long time to identify and deal with his own ADHD and Type II Bipolar, Greg has given several talks about his own experiences and how to get help if you or a friend is suffering from depression or another kind of mental illness.

The Ruby Rogues podcast gave Greg a chance to discuss this topic at length with other prominent developers James Edward Gray II, Josh Susser, Avdi Grimm, and Charles Max Wood—each of whom brings his own questions, perspectives, and personal stories to the conversation. We want our community to be a healthy, thriving one—it's a conversation we're glad to see get more of the spotlight.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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