At Table XI, we’re thinking more and more about mobile everyday—after all, by 2014 mobile Internet usage will overtake that of desktops. At last month’s Chicago Counts conference, Kate Garmey and I talked about what makes an effective mobile strategy for small businesses and nonprofits.

While mobile apps can offer a snazzy user experience, for small businesses that may have tight budgets, a mobile website is likely the way to go. Mobile sites typically require less investment, are easier to build and deploy, and are relatively simple for employees to maintain without special development training. Moreover, mobile sites are searchable, and Google AdWords can help drive traffic to your site.

We recently launched a mobile site for Kids In Danger and just hired our first full-time mobile developer, Ed Lafoy. If you’re ready to talk about the right mobile strategy for your business, so are we.

Image source: Salty Waffle

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