Most people seem ready to leave the rocky year that was 2009 in the past. For those in business, it was a year of smaller revenues and sometimes even downsizing. In a chat with our banker Brad Mayer at American Chartered Bank, we agreed that in 2009, “flat was the new up.”

Table XI was very fortunate last year. In the worst economic climate in decades, we managed to pick up some new clients and add a new member to the team. We closed 2009 with our busiest end-of-year push since we launched in 2002. Summarily, we kept moving in the right direction.

Beyond dumb luck or good karma, we attribute our success in 2009 to several factors:

  • A diversified client base. Drawing revenues from varied industries leaves us less vulnerable to rough periods in one sector.
  • We know organizations must do more with less. We prove our worth to our clients by showing them how to use technology to be more efficient.
  • Buyers continue to flock to the web. We help organizations meet potential customers online.

In the words of hip-hop phenom Fabolous, we’re “getting better year by year, like they say wine do,” and we’re proud of what we accomplished in 2009. We offer sincere thanks to everyone who helped us this year. We’re looking forward to 2010.

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