The Chicago Tribune recently featured our nonprofit partner Facing Disability in an excellent article, “Website Gives Disabled Needed Info,” which outlines the organization’s purpose and inception.

Last year we worked with Facing Disability to develop their website, an online resource serving paraplegics, quadriplegics, and their families. The site features video interviews with people living with spinal cord injuries, information from the medical community, a community-driven forum, and access to support groups and a peer counseling program. According to film critic Rober Ebert, "This website idea is so simple and so brilliant. It's intended for newly disabled people and their families and loved ones. What you don't want is thousands of words of advice. What you can benefit from are the words of disabled people."

We’d also like to congratulate founder Thea Flaum on being chosen to serve on the National Advisory Committee for the Model Systems Translation Center (MSKTC). The Center, which is funded by the National Institutes on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), seeks to communicate and promote the latest research and news about diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and long-term quality of life for those with traumatic brain, spinal cord, and burn injuries.

As a member of the MSKTC Advisory Committee, Thea will be advising on strategies and public relations outreach. This is a huge recognition for her work and Facing Disability’s presence in the disability and rehabilitation communities.

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